How to apply Influencer (Participation) Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the newly hyped buzzword within Online Marketing. Still there are many misconceptions out there how to define, plan and execute Influencer Marketing.

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AdBlocking – Status Quo for Digital Marketers

What is AdBlocking:

Users download an extension to their browser to prevent digital adverts appearing when browsing online.

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Digital Activation – The Kia Surprise Drive Web-App

Kia stands for the ‘power to surprise’ and the Kia cee’d surprises everyone who has driven it thanks to its outstanding numerous features and perfect driving performance. But now the Kia cee’d even surprises people who have not driven it yet.

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Best Practice Marketing Activation – Heineken – The Dilemma

A great example of Digital Marketing Activation. Heineken – The Dilemma. Besides a good execution, the story is the activating emotional trigger as it is telling a piece of  “human truth”.

Digital Marketing (Campaign) Trends 2016

Since beginning of the year 2016 I have read a couple of those articles about Digital Marketing trends for this year. Either the articles have prospected on high-level Mega Trends or they have been focused on micro trends.

That the reason I tried to sum up an overarching list of Digital Marketing trends to create  roadmap for Digital Marketing activites (B2C) in 2016.

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