Summary – The Greatest Salesman in the World

The book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” was written 1968 by Og Mandino published by Bantam books/ Hollywood, United States.

The book probably won’t tell you anything new, but will remind you on some simple principles of how to sell a successfully a product. The motivational book is telling the story of an old sales man how is telling his story to a poor boy on how to become the greatest salesman in the world. The learnings are covered within a simple story and broken-down to 10 “secret” rules:

01. Begin a new life. Start with a fresh mind your mission and don’t let your past interfere with your plans.

02. Great every new day with love in your heart and transform all negative into positive.

03. Persist until you succeed. Remove words like failure, unable, cannot, quit … from your vocabulary. Each failure in selling will increase your chance for success at the next attempt.

04. You are nature’s greatest miracle. Every person is unique and different from each other. So everybody has its own chance to succeed in life.

05. Live your day as it is your last. Suck out of life everything you can. What happened stays in the past – tomorrow can change everything. Don’t waste time in your live and look forward for change – everyday.

06. Master your emotions. Turn sadness into joy. Joy will help you to succeed.

07. Laugh at the world. Only with laughter and happiness you can truly be successful. As long as you laugh, you will never be poor.

08. Multiply your value today a hundred times – everyday. It’s how you persist your reality and define your goals. You can either wish to live in a cave or in a castle – it’s up to you.

09. All dreams, plans, goals are worthless unless they are followed by action. Act now and don’t let your hunger and thirst for success let stop you.

10. Don’t wish yourself the outcomes of success (money). Wish yourself the luck to find the path to reach your goals and be successful.

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