Digital Activation – The Kia Surprise Drive Web-App

Kia stands for the ‘power to surprise’ and the Kia cee’d surprises everyone who has driven it thanks to its outstanding numerous features and perfect driving performance. But now the Kia cee’d even surprises people who have not driven it yet.

To surprise the digital audience, we developed as part of our 360° Campaign the Kia cee’d Surprise Drive Web-App. The easy-to-use navigator tool enables the user to create their own surprising road-trip based on interesting POIs (Point of interests) in their vicinity – presented by the new Kia cue’s.


Hereby we teamed up with TripAdvisor and Google Maps to get the best quality API’s for destinations and map-services. Coming as a Web-App, the Surprise Drive is independent of App Stores and available as a Web-Application (Website) on desktops, tablets and mobile-phones.

Try and test it yourself:

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