How to apply Influencer (Participation) Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the newly hyped buzzword within Online Marketing. Still there are many misconceptions out there how to define, plan and execute Influencer Marketing.

Influencer are famous people within Social Media or video channels that are liked, followed or subscribed by a larger number of people (fanbase) – either they are famous and users want to “follow” their activities or they are just people who are posting interesting content. Influencer are relevant for their fans and they are interested of what they have to say – and listen!

Brands have realized that fans are listening to their influencers and started to position their products within their content (Product-Placements) or let Influencers recommend their brand or product with a post. Hereby you have to differ between Testimonial campaigns and Influencer Marketing: a testimonial is someone you pay, to promote your brand/ product obvious within your marketing activities while Influencer Marketing is more about to recommend it (subliminal advertising).

Recommendations are the new key-currency especially within the Social web. And it works!

When you start a campaign you will spread it via several digital media and social channels. Social channels hereby are a must-have within your digital media planning – to create a broad reach. But as people within social channels prefer to get trustworthy recommendation from their friends or people they like and follow, organic posts and ads of your brand won’t be that effective. To tune the campaign-reach within social channels you can “book” selected or a network of famous social stars that will create a post on their page. The will be mainly created by the page-owners and you should not try to influence too much the content, as they know what works best for their fanbase.

To find the best influencers you should contact one of the quite newly-founded influencer agencies (e.g. in Germany like, InSocial, Buzzbird …) which are like a classic talent booking agency. Based on your brand, product and target audience they will be able to define the right influencer for your campaign. Then they will propose you the right candidates (with all details about reach and audience, etc.) and the costs of a post, placement or even an individual media placement strategy.

Influencer marketing is hard to plan across different markets as each market has its own social stars. Plan or allocate a test-budget within your market and again: test it of it works for you and your brand/ product.

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