Digital Media – Why you should consider to change your Media Plans beyond TVC and Print

TVC media bookings are “wasting” most of your media budget. So why doing TVC? “It was usually done and top management (everyone in the company) understands it”. For the sake of (mass) reach and awareness? Pls – let’s re-think.

E.g.: Facebook is reaching 1/3 of the global population. Now re-think how much people you could reach on Facebook during Prime-Time (8:15pm) even for for a much lower and more efficient budget (digital = tracking real activities), than you would reach with TVC.

Ok. TVC is an comfortable and especially proven and learned solution of reaching a mass audience. But buying into Prime Time TV means also burning your Marketing Budget.

TV media buying can hardly get linked back to your website leads and sales. E.g. Youtube offers hundrets of channels with millions of watchers that are reaching almost every target group. And by digital analytics you can actually track if the audience really saw your ad. TV Media companies creating result studies based on even less that 10% of the watchers if  “they have seen the ad and how they like it”. That is how is used to be for Marketeers.

Pre-rolls are also very effective and still will cost you less than TVC. And yeah: Have a look at Display banners transforming to video ads. Paid digital media offers you a concrete track-back of your budget should be increased – slowly and always check leads vs the budget you have invested in.

Within paid display ads: Increase the stack of mobile paid media according to the mobile usage of your costumers (real analytics, not studies, research or global trends). Use either video formats for richer content and make them as much as relevant for the consumer. Be aware of the general users attention rate (3s) when watching an ad.

Don’t forget to invest in Social Media paid ad formats. Facebook is turning into a video channel. Instagram and Snapchat as well. Facebook is THE Mobile channel which you can target your audience very precisely. With e.g. Facebook Canvas Ads you can also create microsite-like ads which are offering to tell more details about your product than with a standard post ad format. Not mentioning the great performance for creating awareness with video in the first stage of your campaign.

Note: Search is still and will be important! Instead of using very generic terms (e.g. “SUV car” will cost you more and more money to use) try to find alternative search wordings (e.g. “car for dirty roads”).

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