Quote – The Costs of Failure

The costs of failure are less than the opportunity costs

– Early Stage Investor –

uBeam- About Wireless Electricity

I just read this article at INC about the startup uBeam, which is working on a device that uses sound waves to send power to your phone, computer, or anything else that needs charging.

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AdBlocking – Status Quo for Digital Marketers

What is AdBlocking:

Users download an extension to their browser to prevent digital adverts appearing when browsing online.

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Summary – The Greatest Salesman in the World

The book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” was written 1968 by Og Mandino published by Bantam books/ Hollywood, United States.

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Summary – Reinventing your Business Model

After reading the case “Reinventing Your Business Model” by Johnson, Christensen and Kagermann I put some quick notes about their roadmap in this post: Start thinking about how to satisfy your customer who needs a job done and not about a business model. The second step is to construct a blueprint which will point out how your company will fulfill that need of a profit.

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Keeping Space for Innovation

The most common barriers keeping people from getting particular jobs done: insufficient wealth, access skill or time.

– Unknown –

3 Simple Rules For Group Work

Three easy rules to keep in mind when working in a group:

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Quote from Bob Higgins (Highland Capital Partners)

I think historically where we (venture capitalists) fail is when we back technology. where we succeed is when we back new business models.

– Bob Higgins (Highland Capital Partners)