Digital Media – How to categorize digital media assets


Either if you are applying your digital media budget on your own (e.g. Facebook) or if you are using a multinational media agency: You should define your budget split in categories that make sense and enable you to compare spendings and results between in an easy way.

When it comes to definition of the sources where to split your budget, the (digital) media industry has created their own vocabulary and sometimes it can be misleading. On top of that they are influenced by the margins they get from their vendors and media sources – so question their studies and advice.

Here is one approach you can to define the categories of your digital media sources with that will make your life easier:

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Digital Marketing Campaign Trends 2016 – revised


Since beginning of the year 2016 I have read a couple of those articles which shall give you a guidance on which trends to follow or keep in mind for Digital Marketing. Regarding my daily work the articles focused either on high-level Mega Trends or they were driving into too much detail according to one specific topic.

As I am working with a couple of markets I tried to built a summed up overarching list of Digital Marketing trends to create a relevant status-quo and roadmap for our Digital Marketing activites and asset production (B2C).

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